The Most Historic and Exciting Election in History — Take 2

Today’s the day we could make history (or not). On the ballot in four states are issues related to gay marriage equality. In Washington state, Maryland and Maine, we want voters to approve already passed gay marriage equality legislation. In Minnesota, we want voters to reject an ammendment to that state’s constitution that would ban gay marriage equality (Minnesota already has a state level Defense of Marriage Act, so, even if the vote is reject, gay marriage equality will still be banned in that state). One win for us would be historic; two would be epic; more than that …I can’t even think of a word to describe that.

The most important thing to remember when we wake up tomorrow is that no matter what the headlines say, we are going to keep fighting. Whether we win them all or none at all, we are going to keep having conversations; we’re going to keep educating; we’re going to keep equality in the forefront of everyone’s mind because that is how we are going to get there. That is how we are going to get to that land that we dream of where our lives; our loves; and are families fulfill the vision that the forefathers set out for this country: a more perfect untion with liberty and justice for all.

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