Big show of support for Boise anti-discrimination ordinance

As first seen on the blog, Joe. My. God, Boise Idaho is considering an ordinance that would ban discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender persons in the city. If successful, Boise would only be the second city in Idaho to prohibit such discrimination. Sandpoint, up in the far northern part of the state, passed such an ordinance in December of 2011. Idaho does not have a statewide ban:

 In February [2012], an Idaho Senate committee rejected even introducing a proposed statewide law, which would have prompted a public hearing on whether to add discrimination protections for gays, bisexuals and transgender individuals to the Idaho Human Rights Act.

Support for the ordinance was strong at the public hearing, but as is typcial of these types of proposals, it does have its detractors.

Boise resident Curt Vieselmeyer urged the council to reject the ordinance, saying it infringes on his religious freedom and is not necessary.

“I do not believe this is an issue in our city. I believe that this is a stirring of the pot,” Vieselmeyer said.

My question: if it is not an issue, then shouldn’t passing the ordinance be a no-brainer? If, as Mr. Vieselmeyer and others claim, ‘this isn’t happening here’, then passing this type of ordinance should be not a point of contention. If there is no discrimination happening in Boise, then having a law prohibiting it should be a moot discussion. You are just being more official and formal in creating your tolerant atmosphere. Aren’t you?

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