Eye Candy: Celebrating Men Over 50

screen capture of the 'Men Over 50' gallery from Tommy+Alan photography

screen capture of the ‘Men Over 50’ gallery from Tommy+Alan photography

Advocate.com points us to a photography project from Tommy+Alan that features and celebrates men over 50. The photo gallery also includes audio clips of the men speaking. If you are interested in being part of the project, you can also submit a photo yourself. From the Tommy+Alan website:

This personal project was created to raise both visibility and temperatures by featuring some hot men that range in age from the big 5-0 to the mid-70s. The men look good, but they are not models by trade. And while the pictures burst with swagger and confidence, the accompanying audio clips sometimes contrast with the photos. Many of the men in this project talk with us frankly about both their triumphs and their struggles. We felt it was important for you to hear their stories in their own words, so please turn on your audio to hear a clip one or two minutes long from each model. Several men talk about surviving serious illnesses and how that gave them an appreciation for turning 50 and beyond. Other topics of conversation include ageism, self-doubts about looks, and struggles with societal conventions. Yet other inspiring topics include looking at one’s life clearly from a wiser vantage point, creating community, and manifesting personal power as part of growing older.

I’ve always thought that older men are attractive and am happy to see a photo project that highlights that looking good doesn’t end after 40. I also really like the audio portion of this project as well. It’s great to hear the men in their own words.

View the gallery

Read the full advocate.com article

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