Eye Candy 2012: D.C.’s Coverboys of the Year

One of the local gay news rags here in Washington, D.C. has an occasional eye candy article in it’s issues. They select some local guy from those who submit to their ‘Coverboy’ section and interview them with questions like: “What kind of plant would you be?”; “First Celebrity Crush?”; “What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?”; “Who’s your greatest influence?”. Each November, they bring review all the Coverboys of the past year in for a reader votes contest to select the Coverboy for that year. So, I present to you, Aaron Lee Smith, METROWEEKLY’S coverboy of the year 2012.

Aaron Lee Smith in swimsuit


The 35-year-old may stand 6 feet and 2 inches tall, but football reigned where Aaron grew up in West Virginia. He went to Poca High School, whose mascot was the Dot – which means the football team was the, well, fighting Poca Dots. But that’s not the only quirky twist to the school. ”It was a football school, and No. 1 in show choir every year,” Aaron says. Turns out, those are not mutually exclusive developments. ”The football players would be in show choir because it was the cool thing to do,” he says. ”It was crazy!” Though not exactly Glee.

See the full article

See Aaron’s original METROWEEKLY interview

See the first runner up, Rich McPherson

See the second runner up, Tim Warguleski

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