TV Review: ‘Where The Bears Are’ Christmas Special

Where the Bears Are Title CardThe gang from “Where the Bears Are” have a holiday suprise for you: a really funny Christmas episode. Hot Toddy, Wood, Nelson and Reggie and Detective Winters are all back in a very special episode of the “Where The Bears Are” web series available on the DVD of season one of “Where the Bears Are.”

In the episode, Reggie, Nelson and Wood are holding their annual Christmas party at bar since “no one wants to come to a house that had a dead body in it.” Nelson and Todd get into a little lovers spat over Nelson’s possesive nature; Reggie tries out his misletoe hat on the crowd; Wood and Detective Winters work a little mistletoe magic of their own (wink-wink) and a mysterious Santa shows up at the party.

While I found the season one of “Where the Bears Are” trying to hard to be a gay, hairy, husky version of The Golden Girls with a dash of Murder, She Wrote, the Chirsmtas episode is much improved. The jokes in it seem less forced and Rick Copp, Joe Dietl and Ben Zook all seemed to have reigned in the portrayl of their characters to make them seem less charactures and more like real people.

One of the most surprising things about the episode was Zook’s signing voice. In a running gag, Zook’s character Nelson tries to perform his “very special” song a various points in the episode; never getting past the first few bars. While the joke is no one wants to hear Nelson sing, I wouldn’t mind hearing a few more tunes out of Zook in future episodes.

If “Where the Bears Are” can keep the improvements that they’ve made to the show in characterization and writing, and build upon them, I’ll be looking forward to season two.

Visit the Where the Bears Are website

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