Music Video Review: Tim McGraw’s ‘One of Those Nights’

Tim McGraw’s new video for ‘One of those Nights’, a lead single from his upcoming Two Lanes of Freedom album reminds me a bit of the Nashville TV series. This isn’t because the video is filmed at Soundcheck Nashville, which is prominently featured in the TV series, but because this is the ‘wrong song’ to use for a behind the scenes look at how videos are made.

The song itself is amazing and is one of the reasons why I’m such a devoted fan of Tim’s. It got a great sound to it and it is a song that brings back those rose-colored memories of your youth. It is precisely for this reason the ‘behind the scenes’ cut-ins don’t work. They take you out of the moment; out of those memories that the song is trying to create for you.

The only real upside to this video is that it has a lot of shots of Tim himself. Those men and women who enjoy the site of this sinewy singer no matter what he’s doing will be well pleased with the close-ups of Tim’s handsome face and more than a few shots of that lean bod that he has got.

If you really want to see behind the scenes, check out the actual behind the scenes featurette for this video. In my opinion it is the better of the two.

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