New Music Coming From Tim McGraw

CD cover for Tim McGraw's 'Two Lanes of Freedom'One of my favorite country artists is getting ready to release new music in February. Tim McGraw will release Two Lanes of Freedom on Big Machine Records. This will be Tim’s first album with Big Machine Records after he left his previous label, Curb, with whom he had been recording with since the start of his career. Freedom includes 11 tracks; one of which features Taylor Swift, who’s own career was launched with the single ‘Tim McGraw.’ The accelerated (don’t know what that means) deluxe version comes with four more tracks; including, a live version of ‘Truck Yeah.’ Fans of The Warren Brothers will be pleased. They have written two of the tracks on the album; including, ‘Highway Don’t Care’, the tune on which Taylor Swift is featured. It should be noted that ‘Highway’ also features Keith Urban, that guy married to the stunner-from-Down-Under, Nicole Kidman (lucky guy).

I have yet to find any kind of pre-release order packs available on Tim McGraw’s website. I’m not sure if they don’t exisit or if they are there, and I just don’t see them. McGraw’s website isn’t the easiest to navigate with it’s slow-to-load content; microscopic Twitter feed; and munchkin-sized font menus. If they are there, post a comment to let me know where.

Two Lanes of Freedom will be released on February 5. We will see how it stacks up to Tim’s last album, Emotional Traffic.

See more info, including a complete track list, at

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