Sarasota, Fla. — Double shooting being investigated as possible hate crime

From station WWSB:

The shooting happened Tuesday around 10pm in the area of 32nd Street and Lemon Avenue.  That’s where they say Lamar shot the two people: one a 22-year-old man dressed in women’s clothes who had to be flown to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton; the other a 19-year-old man who was taken to Sarasota Memorial.

Police originally thought that one victim was a woman, because one of the men wore women’s clothing at the time of the shooting, and his driver’s license identifies him as female. Turns out he is transgendered, but has not had the surgery to become a woman.

Lamar faces serious charges from the shooting itself, but could face more if police learn that it connects to a victim’s gender. “If we find out that it is involved with a hate crime, we will aggressively go after bringing charges. Right now we have no evidence of that specifically,” says Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino.

Read the full article [With VIDEO]

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2 Responses to Sarasota, Fla. — Double shooting being investigated as possible hate crime

  1. Thaniel says:

    HER drivers license IDs HER as female. Yet you take it upon yourself to call her “male.” Why is this simple act of respect so difficult for so many in the media to perform? She is female, period. Your assessment of the point at which she “becomes” female is inaccurate, irrelevant, & frankly does nothing but highlight your ignorance & stupidity.

    • Aaron graham says:

      EXACTLY! I Aaron Graham is the victim and this had me so crushed when i left the hospital to see news channels me and my family respect and uphold wit the utmost respect plust trust in for years to be giving such inaccurate information this cause me to be beat and funny acts with family to accept me and to feel safe or not in my presents

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