Country Cuties to Cameo on ‘Nashville’ TV Series

Taste of Country is reporting that country artists Chris Young and Brantley Gilbert will be making a cameo appearance on the TV series Nashville in the ‘You Win Agian’ entitled episode.

By now, you should have your calendar marked for the Wednesday, Jan. 23 episode of ABC’s ‘Nashville,’ since superstars Brantley Gilbert and Chris Young will be making cameos as themselves while fraternizing at a party.


[Gilbert] and Young are mixing it up at an Edgehill Republic shindig that celebrates ‘Wrong Song,’ the successful duet between dueling divas Rayna and Juliette.

Now, we all know cameo means bllink-and-ya-miss-it, but even just a glimpse of that handsome guy Gilbert makes me feel like I win again. For those of you who would want to gaze on these good-looking guys just a hare longer (and lets face it, who wouldn’t), pop on over to Taste of Country’s website for a sceenshot.

Catch Nashville on ABC Wednesday’s at 10pm eastern.

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