Out of the Virtual Time Capsule: Obama a One-Term President

Back in May, when President Obama came out with his personal support gay marriage equality, Brian Brown, of the National Organization for Marriage, had this to say:

“Obama’s embrace of same-sex marriage will help ensure he becomes a one-term president, and his political demise will begin with North Carolina.” —N.C. gay marriage vote spells the end of Obama’, CNN, May 16, 2012

We took and placed this quote into our virtual time capsule on this site. That’s where we take news items of the day and store them away to see if they are true or not at some future date. This quote we had intended to pull out immediately after the election, but I felt that it was more appropriate to pull it out after Obama’s second inauguration.

So, for this item in our Virtual Time Capsule series we can categorize as FALSE.

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