Random Eye Candy: Tim McGraw in ‘Country Weekly’

Tim McGraw has never been at the top of my hot country men list (I am more of a Kenny Chesney guy), but from the photos I’ve been seeing lately, I’m think Tim’s tractor’s sexy; as evidenced from the February 18 issue of Country Weekly below.


Those five hour workouts Tim talks about in the article are doing this boy some good! Whooo doggies!!

Of course, that is the real reason I get Country Weekly; for the articles (wink), and Tim does talk about his new album Two Lanes of Freedom. Tim states that this album gave him a freedom and control that he felt he did not have with his previous label, turning out something pretty good:

“I was in my car and had to do something, and I thought, ‘OK, let me give it a run-through.’ I was like, ‘I like that song, and that song, and that can be a single[.]'”

Pick up the February 18, 2013 issue of Country Weekly to read the full article.

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1 Response to Random Eye Candy: Tim McGraw in ‘Country Weekly’

  1. kerbey says:

    I guess if you have to be sober than it’s good to be hot and in your mid 40s. How you like bald, diminutive men like Kenny is beyond me, but to each her own. Tim is no Jake Owen or Luke Bryan, but he has transformed from a pedophile-mustached Indian Outlaw into a fine, vintage wine. I cannot argue that his tractor is finally sexy.

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