Irate Ax-wielding Phoenix Bar Patron Subdued by Bar Manager and Go-Go Boy

FOX 10 out of Phoenix reports that a Go-Go dancer and bar manager, Adrian Carlos Maldonado, subdued an irate ax-wielding bar patron after Maldonado stopped serving him:

Maldonado was managing the bar on Bethany Home Road and 18th Avenue last Saturday night, when the incident happened.

He says Aguirre was at the gay bar with his girlfriend when they started arguing.

“I told him was done, I couldn’t serve him any more for the night…he got irate,” said Maldonado. “After I escorted him out, he went out to the car, picked up an ax and came back at us.”

Maldonado was inside, holding the door closed while he says Aguirre hit it with the ax.

The police report noted slash marks in the door.

When he thought he left, Maldonado opened the door and says Aguirre stormed in with the ax still in hand, saying ‘I will kill you.’

Both these guys are heros. I hope they get some official recognition from the city for there actions.

Read the full article with VIDEO

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