A New, Comprehensive Term for LGBT?

A London advocacy group, Pink Therapy, is advocating the use of a new term to replace the long-used LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender): Gender and Sexual Diversities (GSD). the group feels that GSD is more inclusive of the spectrum of human sexuality and gender:

[Pink Therapy Director, Dominic] Davies noted that the term LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) still excluded “a whole batch of people who didn’t feel able to go to mainstream counseling organizations and also wouldn’t necessarily be welcome at LGBT counseling organizations,” including asexual people and those in otherwise non-traditional relationships, such as swingers

I’ve always felt that our individual identities: Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Androgonus, Asexual; are important because they describe who we are. After all, I am not a lesbian, and asexual is something different from gay, though you could be an asexual gay man. I do feel, though, that we need a term that is more umbrella in its ability to reference the community as a whole. I do not feel that Gender and Sexual Diversities is a good term.

Below is a snapshot of a poll on the phrase from The Huffington Post article as of this blog post.


Read the full article and vote yourself.

What are your ideas a better inclusive term?

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