Philly Drag Persona, Martha Graham Cracker, Disinvited From Reading to Kids

The Huffington Post reports that famed Drag Persona, Martha Graham Cracker, has been disinvited from reading Dr. Seuss to school kids because her act is ‘inappropriate.’ Graham Cracker had originally received an invite from Mark Simmons of Haddonfield Child Care in New Jersey. Simmons had wanted to bring more ‘variety’ to the usual choices of authors, fire and police men and women, so, he asked Graham Cracker:

After Graham Cracker accepted, officials of the after-school program told Simmons that his choice was not acceptable. Simmons insisted on keeping Graham Cracker’s appearance, writing back to the group: “I’m in a bit of a quandary here…I’m being told by some of my superiors in this organization that this guest choice is inappropriate. I cannot, however, get any of them to tell me why or how Martha Graham Cracker reading Dr. Seuss to our after-school program is inappropriate.”

I’ve never seen Graham Cracker in person, but a quick check of her act on YouTube just reveals some good pipes with some classic and classy tunes. I did not see anything vulgar or risqué that should cause a disinvite or concern. It would be a shame if the reason was solely that she is a drag performer. From what Huffington Post reports in their article Graham Cracker does have her young fans:

On the drag cabaret group’s Facebook page, comments from fans poured in, with one saying: “My daughter has seen your show about 3 times. She frequently refers to Martha Graham Cracker as one of her characters while she plays. Bath time is particularly funny when she names her gaudiest mermaid Martha. She really adores you, and she’s a tough critic.”

Like a storybook, there is a bit of a happy ending. Graham Cracker has been asked to read to kids by Philadelphia’s Christ Church Neighborhood House. Haddonfield’s loss…

Read the full article

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