Why It Gets Better: Visibility

And not just for your e-reader.

What makes this ad awesome is not just that it has the visibility of a gay couple in the ad, but what that visibility could mean to some young kid out there looking to identify with someone who is like him. Think back to when you first saw or learned of a positive gay portrayal. Think about how much that meant to you to find someone, however many degrees of separation they were from you, who was also gay; who you could look at and feel good about yourself. This ad, though a little cheeky in its twist, still provides that sense of gay is okay to those young folks who are looking and needing to see this kind of everyday, real portrayal of us and themselves. That’s why this ad is deserving of a why it gets better post.

Why It Gets Better is a series of postings showing, real-time, concrete, tangible ways that life is getting better for LGBT people.

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