Country-Western Dancing Comes Back To Balitmore

For those looking to polish up there boots in the Baltimore area Charm City Country Crew will be starting a new dance called ‘Outlaw Fridays’ starting March 15. From The Washington Blade:

The Charm City Country Crew is a country-western subculture of the LGBT community in the Baltimore area. According to the group’s Facebook page, “CCCC is not a bar or formal organization (yet). We are a community of friends hosting events, dances, gatherings, concert outings, and parties that center around our enjoyment of Country Western music and hospitality.”

CCCC will launch “Outlaw Fridays”—a dancing and social event—beginning March 15. It will take place at 8 p.m. at the Overlea Event Center located at 6809 Belair Rd., Baltimore. The venue has a bar and hardwood floors, which are perfect for line dancing and two-stepping.

Ages 18 and above are invited. A donation (cover charge) of $5 is requested to help defray the cost of room rental, bar fees and additional expenses associated with running the event.

See the original article

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