Eating and Getting Around In D.C. for United for Marriage Marches

Below are some helpful tips for folks who may be coming into the city for the United for Marriage March happening on March 26, 2013. It includes some travel info for the city as well as a few tips on where to eat and go after the rally.

Getting There

The Supreme Court is on the Northeast side of the Capitol building at East Capitol Street and 2nd Street, NE.

The two closest subway stops to the Supreme Court are Union Station and Capitol South. Union Station is on the red line and Capitol South is on the Orange and Blue line of the METRO, Washington, D.C.’s subway system. Both stations are within a 10 to 15 minute walk of the Court. Be forewarned: METRO is infamous for it’s ‘out of service’ elevators/escalators and poor communication related to such outages. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself having to walk up the ‘electric steps’ from both stations. If the escalators do happen to be working, please stand to the right. The left side of our escalators are the passing lane for those who wish to walk up the escalator even when they are working.

Subway fares vary depending on from where you are coming and to where you are going. Check the signs located above the fare kiosks or you can get a general idea of how much it is to travel by subway by visiting METRO’s trip planning website.

METRO operates on a paper farecard system. For paper farecards, METRO does add a service charge of $1.00 for each paper farecard issued. Remember to add that figure into your trip cost. METRO does have plastic SMARTRIP cards, but unless you plan on returning to the city pretty soon, just use the paper.

Be forewarned, some of METRO’s station managers are very helpful and some are not. Don’t be surprised if you encounter an unhelpful METRO station manager.

Washington, D.C.’s taxi’s are every color of the rainbow. So don’t look for a specific color taxi. Just stick your hand out and wave. Typically, the best way to get a taxi, is to walk to a close hotel and get one from there. Fares are metered.

A 10-15 minute walk away from the Supreme Court to the east is the Eastern Market area. This area is at 8th Street, SE and Pennsylvania Ave, SE. Here are a number of places to eat. Two of my favorites are Ted’s Bulletin, which has a forties diner feel, Boxcar Tavern and Mr. Henry’s, which both have a pub-type feel.

For the evenings, you can head over to 17th Street, NW (also known as Frank Kameny Way in honor of the D.C. gay rights pioneer). Within a few blocks you will find many good places to eat. My favorite places to eat in this area are Trio, DuPont Italian Kitchen and Level One (closed Mondays)

Going Out
17th Street, NW is also the location of the bars JR’s and Cobalt.

I really like Nellie’s, over on 9th and U Streets, NW. It’s Washington, D.C.’s gay sports bar with walls of TVs; each playing a different sport. The staff is pretty friendly and the crowd is a mixed one of men and women; gay and straight.

For those venturing into Virginia–yes, Virginia does have gays–check out Freddie’s Beach Bar at 555 23rd Street. It’s a beach themed bar with purple decor and good burgers.

Ladies, your best bet is to do either Freddie’s or Nellie’s. Unfortunately, the lesbian bar, Phase 1, is not open until Thursdays.

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