D.C.’s Pride Parade’s New Route

From The Washington Blade:

The Logan Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission voted unanimously on March 14 to approve plans to allow the city’s Capital Pride Parade to complete its 1.5-mile route on 14th Street, N.W., between R and S Streets.

The decision to bring the parade to the rapidly developing commercial and entertainment corridor along 14th Street, where many LGBT people are moving, represents a change from past years, when the parade ended about a half mile south of the new location, at 14th and N Streets near Thomas Circle.


The parade will travel south on 17th Street to P Street, where it turns left and heads to 14th Street. At that point, according to Bos, it will turn left and head north on 14th Street where it will pass the Whitman-Walker Heath headquarters at 14th and R Streets and the Washington Blade’s offices across the street from Whitman-Walker.

For those of you who are visual learners, I’ve included the below map.

DC's Pride Parade Route 2013

The parade previously turned south at 14 and P Streets, NW where it would fizzle out as it neared the end where there weren’t too many spectators.

I think this change will bring about more folks lined up on the sidewalks all the way to the end. The mid-part of 14th Street has a lot more restaurants from where you could eat before/after watching the parade.

A tid-bit of LGBT history for you. The Whitman-Walker Clinic where the parade will now make it’s conclusion is named after AIDS activist and actress, Elizabeth Taylor.

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