E.G. Crichton’s Migrating Archives Exhibit Offers A Glimpse Into History of Queer Lives

From the San Francisco GLBT Historical Society:

A new exhibition opening on February 1 at The GLBT History Museum draws on innovative curatorial work combining art and history to offer a glimpse into both the stories of archival organizations and the ways they document queer lives. Conceived by E.G. Crichton, the museum’s artist-in-residence, “Migrating Archives: LGBT Delegates From Collections Around the World” features materials from Australia, Belgium, England, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Scotland, South Africa and the United States.

More about E.G. Crichton from the website History@Work:

In addition to being professor in the Art Department at UC Santa Cruz, Crichton is the first artist-in-residence for the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco. Her work, since she began her tenure there, has intentionally pulled the archives into public and personal forums. In her first major project, LINEAGE: Matchmaking in the Archive, Crichton positioned herself as matchmaker, connecting living persons with a specific archival collection at GLBTHS. The living participants then authored original work based on their match with and connection to the dead.

Read a brief interview with E.G. Crichton on the Migrating Lives exhibit

See the full History@Work article on E.G. Crichton

Learn more about the GLBT Historical Society

Visit the website of E.G. Crichton

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