Quote of the Day: Birthday Invites for Gender Nonconforming Kids

Today’s quote of the day comes from one of my favorite blogs, Raising my Rainbow. Raising my Rainbow is the blog of a mom’s experience raising a gender nonconforming child. C.J., Rainbow Mom’s son, love pink, sparkly stuff, throwing sassy parties, playing with dolls and wearing skirts, tutus, etc.

One of Rainbow Mom’s most trying experiences lately has been birthday invites. C.J. is getting old enough now to have parties with other kids. How does a mom of a gender nonconforming child prepare other parents to buy gifts that the child would like, not just what they think would be good for him; i.e. boy stuff, and how to prepare them for the experience of her son in a skirt; squealing with delight over the latest Monster High swag; and just being who he is and doing what makes him happy. Rainbow Mom got her answer from the invite of another child in the neighborhood with whom her son has become friends.

T.L. is another gender nonconforming boy. After informing parents in the invite that T.L. would like gifts that you would typically buy for boys, she’s ends the note with this sassy kicker of her own:

Oh yeah, and if you’re not comfortable with an eight year old boy in a dress…you might want to sit this one out. 🙂

Bravo to these two brave mom’s who are raising their kids in a brave new world with no apologies.

Read the full blog post

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