Why It Gets Better: Dads Standing Up For Their Kids

Screen Capture of Reddit FeedLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Gender Nonconforming people know all too frequently the stories of families that reject their children, but hope lies on the horizon for a turn-around in these types of stories.

Advocate.com reports on one such tale. A father and his young boy were standing in line at the checkout when his son saw a Disney Princess video that he wanted:

The father[…]recounts how he was standing in line at Walmart with his son when a display advertising Sofia the First caught the child’s eye. After initially telling his son the family already had plenty of movies at home, a man in another line imposed some harsh gender-policing, telling the child, “You don’t want to grow up like a mommy, you want to grow up to be like daddy.”

That’s when the boy’s dad stepped in, replying, “Actually, I just want him to grow up to be whatever he is supposed to be … and if that’s a boy that likes princess movies, then great.”

Click the image to read the full exchange or read the transcript below:

So, here’s how Sam became the proud owner of the Sofia The First DVD. On, Saturday, the kids and I headed to Wal-Mart to get diapers, before picking up Erin at the Fine Arts Center. We are in line, and there is a display of Sofia DVDs next to the line. Sam says, “Oh boy, Sofia the First…I love Sofia the First…can I get this movie?” And I say, “No Sam, we have more than enough movies right now”…which is very true. Then, the following dialogue:
MORON IN GAMECOCK POLO SHIRT AND BRAIDED BELT: “And those are girl movies…you don’t want to grow up to be like a mommy, you want to grow up to be like daddy.”
ME: “Actually, I want him to grow up to be whatever he is supposed to be…and if that boy likes princess movies then great.”
MORON: “You don’t think that will make him funny.”
ME: “I sure hope so.”
MORON: “I don’t mean that kind of funny, I mean he might like other boys.”
ME: “And I’d love him just as much…and he’d probably smell better as a teenager.”
MORON moves to another line.
OLD LADY behind me in line: “Let me buy that movie for him. You just made my day.”
And that is how Sam came to own Sofia the First.

The part with the old lady is what really makes this a ‘Why It Gets Better’ post for me. Great that the dad stuck up for his kid and will love him “just as much.” But the actions of the old lady shows that accepting our kids, no matter their interests are; gender conforming or not, is something that’s happening in all demographics from millennials on up. This expansion of acceptance is another reason why it gets better.

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Why It Gets Better is a series of postings showing, real-time, concrete, tangible ways that life is getting better for LGBT people.

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