Gay Pride in the Other Manhattan

New York City’s pride parade and festival is known as one of the biggest in the country, but there’s another Manhattan that takes pride in their celebration, too. Manhattan, Kansas; known as The Little Apple:

For the last four years, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations and allies have come together to support the Little Apple Pride parade and celebration in Manhattan. This year, the parade began at Manhattan Town Center at 2 p.m. on April 20, and continued with a celebration at Triangle Park in Aggieville from 3 to 5 p.m.

K-State’s LGBT and Allies and the Flint Hills Human Rights Project are two organizations that come together each year to raise awareness, money and support for those in the LGBT community. Fraternity Delta Lambda Phi and sorority Gamma Rho Lambda were also present to support the members of the LGBT community and their allies as well.

Lukus Ebert, co-chair of LIttle Apple Pride and junior in sociology, said that the event’s timing is perfect for prospective freshmen who identify with the LGBT community.

“It is always on Open House,” Ebert said. “It’s to let people know who are thinking about coming here that LGBT organizations are here.”

The Little Apple Pride parade is not only intended for prospective students, but for anyone who is in the LGBT community, those who are questioning and supportive allies.

Melvin Kueser, father of two sons involved in the LGBT community, thinks that it is important for those not in the community to understand who is involved.

“Members of the LGBT are just like any other human being on this earth,” Kueser said. “They want to be accepted; they want to be loved and have families. They are no different than anyone else.”

Little Apple Pride brought in individuals of all different kinds; there were families, professors, supporters and drag queens.

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