San Diego State University Students Take Visual Approach to ‘Day of Silence’

Student with Duct Tape Over Mouth for Day of Silence

photo from ‘The Daily Aztec’

The Day of Silence takes place each year on April 19. During the Day of Silence students around the country remain silent for the day to draw attention to the bullying of their peers. In effect, they are speaking up for those who may not have a voice by refraining from talking for the day. However, some students at San Diego State University, took a more visual vs. oral approach this year. From The Daily Aztec:

Some students covered their mouths with duct tape to make visible statements in honor of the day, while others signed the pledge.

One student who chose to wear duct tape, international security and conflict resolution junior Justin Campbell, has participated in the Day of Silence since his sophomore year of high school. Campbell said he takes part in the event because he feels he has been silenced throughout his life and wants to empower others to overcome similar challenges.

“It’s not one time in particular, but it was kind of my whole high school career,” Campbell said. “I didn’t really have friends. There were times when people would roll down their windows when they were driving by and they would throw things at me or call me names. Now that I’m in college and I’ve moved past that, I really want to help stop that because I know some people aren’t as fortunate as me and don’t make it through times like that.”

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