Music Video Review: Earl Dibbles, Jr.’s, aka Granger Smith, ‘Country Boy Love’

Earl Dibbles, Jr., the very country alter ego of country musician Granger Smith, pulls out all the stops in this over-the-top ode to that special way that country boy can love ya.

I like that this video doesn’t take itself too seriously; the creation of the Earl Dibbles, Jr. character is great. But this song would have been better if it featured all male hotties vs. female. The ridiculously scorching Daisy Duke darlins in video are great to look at, but the swapping chaw is a little too much of the redneck woman for me. And I do find the hip thrusting on the tractor wheel and porch pole dancing a little too gratuitous.

The way that the video portrays the song, it is actually ripe for gay male fantasies. Leaving your boots on; laying down in the back of the truck on feed bags; hay; hell, even field stones or gravel has a sexy appeal to many gay men; and yea, dipping and kissing someone with dip is also a turn-on for a few gay men. Earl had the right concept; wrong sex.

Even if the video was all guys, but it wasn’t as overt as it is with the girls, he’d still have himself a good many veiws by a good many gay men, and, I’m sure, a good many women, too. Gals love their eye candy just as much as we guys do.

Visit Granger Smith’s website

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