TN Plans Celebration of Marriage Discrimination for August 31

The Huffington Post is reporting that the Tennessee Legislature passed a resolution to celebrate the ban on gay marriage for August 31:

The state of Tennessee is set to observe “ido4life Traditional Marriage Day” on Aug. 31, after state lawmakers passed a resolution this week to dedicate the date.

Pastor Lyndon Allen, a key proponent of the measure, told WSMV that the effort was about encouraging couples to get married, pointing to the economic benefits of tying the knot.

In a truly head-scratching detail to this story, Pastor Allen applauds gays pursuit of marriage, but doesn’t approve of our relationships. From WSMV:

“I may not agree with your coupling: men with men and women with women, but I do applaud your pursuing in culture what is valuable which is marriage. I wish more heterosexual cohabitational households would pursue marriage with the same degree of passion…”

Pastor Allen, we wish you would be more passionate about supporting those who are passionate about wanting to get married.

WSMV notes that The Tennessee Equality Project is planning their own rallies for the day, calling Aug 31 Marriage Equality Day.

Read The Huffington Post article

Read the WSMV article with VIDEO

Visit the Tennessee Equality Project website

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