Ill. LGBT Rights Supporters Counter a ‘cynical divide and conquer strategy’ By Anti-gay Marriage Demonstration

From the Chicago Phoenix:

LGBT rights advocates and anti-gay marriage demonstrators faced off on the city’s Northwest Side Saturday morning.

Conservative religious demonstrators rallying against same-sex marriage outside a Logan Square church were met by dozens of LGBT rights supporters who appeared to counter what they allege is an effort to pit local Latino communities against pending marriage equality legislation in the Illinois House.

LGBT rights activists from the Gay Liberation Network and other groups chanted demands for equal rights — “derechos para todos,” or “rights for all” – into loud speakers, while anti-gay demonstrators led by a local church and the Illinois Family Institute shouted back, “one woman, one man.”

“This is a very cynical divide and conquer strategy,” said Andy Thayer, co-founder of GLN, who alleges the IFI is rallying Latino congregations against the bill. The groups held a similar demonstration outside the Aurora district office of Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia last Saturday.

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