Singer Amy Grant Mum On Marriage Equality

In an interview with Chris Azzopardi of PrideSource, singer Amy Grant talks about her gay fans, the welcoming atmosphere that she wishes to create and being non-judgmental. However, the one thing that Grant is completely mum about is marriage equality. When asked she says, “In the same way that I did not tell one person who I voted for. I don’t. I never talk about anything like that…”

I’m hugely disappointing with this stance. If she is for marriage equality, I wish she would speak up. Ms. Grant has a huge platform on which she has the opportunity to open hearts and minds. She’s been given a gift in which she has the opportunity to further humankind into a more welcoming place for same-sex couples. She should speak up because she can. She should speak up for the many out there who can’t.

She should speak up for the gay and lesbian kids who are killing themselves because they don’t feel welcome. She should speak up for the individuals in France who are getting beaten because people feel are so judgmental over the idea of a same-sex couples committing to each other for the rest of their lives in the eyes of the government. She should speak for the individuals who aren’t allowed to attend their partner’s funerals or visit them in the hospital; no matter how long they have been taking care of each other. She should speak up, because in other countries and even in this country, the atmosphere isn’t always welcoming for gay and lesbian folks. It can be downright hostile, dangerous and life threatening.

Equality, and human rights, and human dignity is not an issue on which you should remain silent.

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