ABC Renews ‘Nashville’ TV Show

There will be plenty of country drama and comedy come fall 2013. Country Weekly is reporting that ABC has renewed the soapy-style drama Nashville:

Lovers of ABC’s dramatic series Nashville can rejoice however. The insider’s look at the world of country music didn’t exactly have the ratings the network had hoped for, but the potential revenue from CD sales, a possible tour and additional marketing opportunities helped secure the series’ renewal. It is uncertain whether the show will stay in its current Wednesday night time slot or be moved to another night.

Here’s an idea: how ’bout moving the show to an earlier time slot; say 9pm on Sunday. Having it on so late in the middle of the week, leaves me to catch-it-when-I-can on My second suggestion would be

to dial down the melodrama a few decibels. Do some character development with Juliette that doesn’t require her to kiss any man who happens to be within 25 yards of her. And you know it’s probably gonna only be a matter of time before she starts lip-locking with Avery.


Same goes for Rayna, too, though she’s a little more discriminating. You have to have a guitar in your hands for her to want to kiss ya (where’d I set my guitar!). Seriously, though, we all know Rayna and Juliette need each other for more than just ticket sales. I’ve been looking forward to their relationship to go from rivals to being more of mentor-mother that helps Juliette mature as a woman and an artist, which we all know resides somewhere under that shrew exterior. Juliette’s part in this dynamic could be providing us with some glimpses into who Rayna was as a youth. I mean, we’ve seen Rayna shout at and be resistant to her daddy in much the same way Juliette is resistant to her management and shouts at her staff. Could Juliette be the ‘new’ Rayna not only in her career but also in her character? Was Rayna as impulsive and reckless as Juliette, but we just don’t know it because we really don’t know Rayna?

Similarly, Jolene could be a vehicle for us to get to know Deacon more vs. just being a foil for Juliette. Deacon is another character who we don’t know too much about, but we care to if the writers will give us that chance.

Catch up on your episodes of Nashville before the season finale May 22.

Read the original Country Weekly article

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