Random Eye Candy: METROWEEKLY Coverboy Jared

Washington, D.C.’s gay weekly magazine, METROWEEKLY, runs a segment they call “Coverboy.” It’s a short interview with a good-looking D.C. local and some photos. At the end of the year, the magazine has a contest of all the years Coverboys to pick the top three. The winners all get prizes from various area establishments for being the Coverboy of the the Year.

Coverboy Jared. Photo By METROWEEKLY

This week’s Coverboy features Jared:

Staying active is at the top of the agenda for 27-year-old Jared. Originally from Hampton Roads, Va., Jared kicked his way through college on a soccer scholarship. Today, working as a graphic designer, he’s still scoring goals in a co-ed recreational league. He’s also trained in ”aerial silks,” acrobatic feats aloft made by famous by Cirque du Soleil. ”It’s a lot of fun and a good workout,” he says.


How would you describe your dream guy?
Someone spontaneous and loyal.

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