Going Somewhere? Washington, D.C.’s METROWEEKLY Summer Travel Issue 2013

METROWEEKLY's Summer Travel Issue 2013 CoverStill figuring out your travel plans for Summer ’13? Washington, D.C.’s METROWEEKLY magazine has some ideas from the four corners of North America, and beyond. From the article on Provincetown, Mass. Bear Week:

This summer, for example, you might take in Kate Clinton one night, Audra McDonald the next, then Miss Richfield 1981 or Joey Arias & Raven O. And that’s just taking in the tip of the iceberg. The week’s hosts, the Provincetown Bears, detail all the shows, accommodations, dances, tickets and more at ptownbears.org.

At this point, it will already be tough to find accommodation for the week, running July 13 to 21, though certainly not impossible, Lambeth assures. He’s regularly scouring the P’town offerings to post updated availability for his Facebook group. But while he’s sure there’s still room at the inns, that may not hold for the entire week, forcing some Bear Week wannabes to split their time at different locations.

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