Lack of Bureaucratic Procedure Brings Down Calistoga, Calf. Gay Pride Flag

“It was beautiful while it lasted.” That’s how Ian Stanley, director of California’s Napa Valley’s LGBTQ Connection described the short life of the rainbow flag that flew over Calistoga, Calf. for three days this past weekend. The rainbow flag was flow over the city hall as a celebration of Calistoga’s gay pride week, but a lack of city council procedure or guidelines brought the flag down. From the

…it was a question by two-time mayoral candidate, and longtime Gingles nemesis, Kurt Larrecou that finally did the trick.

Larrecou made a request Monday for documents related to how the flag was approved. City officials were forced to admit the council never formally considered the matter and that the city has no policy for how to handle such flag requests…

…Larrecou insists he has no objection to the message of the rainbow flag; he was merely concerned about the policy implications. He said he would support having a separate pole, possibly on the City Hall bell tower, to fly cause-related flags of all sorts all the time.

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