Porterville, Calf. Looks Into Rescinding Gay Pride Month Proclamation

On Top Magazine reports that the city of Porterville, Calf. held a council meeting to hear opposition to the Gay Pride Month Proclamation:

Opponents of gay rights in Porterville, California are asking the city council to rescind a proclamation declaring June Gay Pride month.
The proclamation was passed two weeks ago by Mayor Virginia Gurrola.

According to ABC affiliate KFSN, more than 100 people packed a city council meeting to discuss the issue.

“There’s no hatred. No ill feelings against homosexual individuals. It is not about them, it’s about government intrusion into our private lives and a smothering attitude of political correctness,” one man told council members during the meeting.

“Under the banner of fairness and equality, I, as a heterosexual, would like a proclamation for July celebrating heterosexual pride,” a woman said.

That last woman is confused. June is also heterosexual pride month. You know, weddings — that ceremony that California banned gay people from taking part in back in 2008.

Read the full article with VIDEO

Contact the city council of Porterville to let them know your feelings on the issue

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