Why Marriage Equality Won, and will Continue to Do So

Years from now there will be a lot of analysis, writings, films and documentaries about this time in history that we are going through. Scholars, historians and filmmakers will examine our movement to try and determine just what it was that helped to change hearts and minds of people regarding marriage equality. Today, Jeremy Hooper, writer of the blog Good As You, gives them the thesis from which to start and conclude:

…[the anti-equality sides] attempts to turn discrimination into an American value helped those of us who value LGBT lives and loves to show the American public just how much wanton persecution was being dished out against us. While they were full-on aggressive and tried to ban us in every state and federally, we stepped up and showed the public that we too have lovers and families and rich lives, and we ably stated our case for joining the marriage club. What was once a very lopsided conversation in which the Ralph Reeds of the world hijacked the notion of “values” instead became a dialogue about America, her promises, and her people. This campaign of public engagement led to newfound understanding; the newfound understanding led to unprecedented momentum.

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