Toby Keith on the Cover of July 15 Issue of ‘Country Weekly’

July 15 Country Weekly Magazine Cover with Toby KeithAin’t he looking all handsome. One of my favorite country artists, Toby Keith, is on the cover Country Weekly magazine. In the article, Toby talks about putting together a concert to help tornado victims from his home state of Oklahoma; playing for servicemembers through the USO; and his daughter, Krystal, following in his musical footsteps. From the article:

“I probably wasn’t in the position [in 1999, when Oklahoma had experienced similar sever storms,] to pull off this kind of concert,” Toby says of the benefit. “It’s good that we can do this now. I grew up in Moore, and I have lots of family and friends who were affected by these latest tornadoes. We have to keep helping them any way we can. The money we raise is staying right here in the state, which is what we wanted.”


“[These USO tours were] a little different than any of the ones we’ve done in the past years,” Toby explains. “Every year, we would do a week in Afghanistan and a week in Iraq. This year, we went to some small islands and there were Special Forces people training down there. We went to some real remote places that I never knew even existed, so there’s always a history and a geography lesson every time you go on one of the USO shows.”

Make a donation to The United Way for Oklahoma Tornado Relief

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