Music Review: Kenny Chesney’s ‘Life on A Rock’

Life on a Rock Album CoverKenny Chesney
Life on a Rock

I got this album via iTunes LP, which is the kinda, sorta we’re gonna give you a digital booklet, but really it’s not. The LP was unimpressive visually. Mostly, what you are presented with is photos that you could find on your own though a quick internet search. The music contained on this album, however, is fantastic.

Life on A Rock will get you thinking about life by the sand. Kenny creates an album that is perfect for your summer outings and nothing less than what you would expect from the Prince of the Beach himself. All of these tunes wash over you with the relaxing feeling of waves gently lapping at your toes. Somewhat similar to Granger Smith, who I recently reviewed, Rock has a stripped down feel to it. Rock‘s tracks have more polish; however, like, Dirt Road, Rock‘s music doesn’t overpower the songs themselves; leaving you with the feel-good feeling that you’d get from rocking out with friends at the shore, barbecue, or out at a tailgate.

‘Lindy,’ an ode to a homeless man; ‘It’s That Time of Day,’ a song about “closing time” with your friends; and ‘Marley,’ an escape the world tune, are all examples of the smooth, peaceful and relaxing feel that you get with this album. Those who are looking for some inside humor will appreciate the duet with Willie Nelson, ‘Coconut Tree,’ and it wouldn’t be Kenny Chesney without a rocking party song that you can play pre-concert. ‘Pirate Flag’ fill that’s requisite pretty well. As great as all these songs are, the topper of the album is ‘Happy on the Hey Now (A Song for Kristi).’

‘Hey Now’ is the most touching song of the album. It celebrates the life of someone who has passed away with images of them that are best displayed in the chorus:

I always see you dancing/
up there on the bow/
Living life in the moment/
Happy on the hey now/
And you’ll live with us as long as/
memories stay alive/
And you left us with so many, Kristi/
you will never die

This is a song that is going to touch a lot of people and is going to be played at a lot of eulogies, celebrations of life and just those times that you find yourself wanting to reflect on someone who was part of your life, but is now gone. This song strikes a great balance between being specific enough, yet general enough that just about anyone will be able to identify with it. Since it is stated at the beginning of the song that Kristi was a ‘friend of a friend,’ this just adds to the perfection of the song and it’s generality. We all have those special acquaintances who touch our lives in special ways and leave an impression on them. Chesney has created a classic that will live on long after he’s gone with this tune. Appropriately, this tune is what closes a fantastic album. I think, one of Kenny’s best.

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