Concert Review: Dierk’s Bently and Miranda Lambert Locked and Reloaded

Dierk’s Bentley and Miranda Lambert played a lively show to the crowd at Jiffy Lube Live out in Bristow, VA, Sunday July 28, 2013. In the words of Dierk’s, it was a Sunday night but it seemed like the Friday night the way the crowd was amped up. Dierk’s blew threw a number of his hits as the crowd sang along; cheered; and danced. ‘Sideways’, ‘Feel that Fire’, ‘5-1-5-0’ and, of course, ‘What Was I Thinking’ were all part of his set. My favorite moment was the video along with ‘Up On The Ridge.’ It was a simple background of woods, some fire and moonlight while Dierk’s and his crewed played with spotlights shining up on them like flashlights under your chin. It gave you the real sense that you were really were out there with the blue grass.


Miranda music was high energy, too, but her stage presence seemed like she had a rough Friday or Saturday night from which

she hadn’t quite recovered. Her voice was strong and didn’t disappoint, but she wasn’t quite the firecracker performer that I recall seeing from last year. We all have our bad days. Maybe the area’s humidity took some wind out of her as it does of us all, but bless this gal for not letting whatever was happening bring down her music. She did regain a little more steam as her set rolled along; dancing around a bit and doing a duet with Rae Lynn.


Miranda also found a unique way to introduce her band. About three-quarters of the way into the show, throwback photos of individual band members flashed up on the video screen along with the band member’s name and hometown.

Speaking of hometowns, the best moment of Miranda’s show was when she sung ‘The House that Built Me.’ We were treated to thowback photos a young Miranda as she evoked the emotion we all feel about are ties to where we grew up. If you like this song on the radio or in CD form, that’s nothing to hearing her sing it in person. It looses none of it’s power at all.

Kix Brooks was one of the openers for the show–If that ain’t the Nashville series come to life. I remember when seeing he and Ronnie headline at the same venue not too many years ago–I missed his set because I didn’t even know he was playing, but am excited to see he’s got some new music on his own.

The venue of Jiffy Lube Live has changed from even just last year with some new food and less traffic. I was excited to see Famous Daves as one of the food vendors. Their menu was very limited; a couple of pulled meat sandwiches and drumstricks, but it gave an alternative to internet inches foot-long hotdogs and fozen hamburgers that you’d typically get. For dessert there was Mama’s Donut Bites food truck. They made for a tasty treat after eating, but the real treat was the frozen yogurt folks. You got a big tub of frozen yogurt piled high with make your own toppings bar. I know you may be thinking ‘yogurt? Bluck!’ But you really wouldn’t know much different to try it. And what else you gonna get at Jiffy Lube Live for $7 that would easily feed two people.

Getting in and out of the site this time was easy, too. I made it in to the lot in about 15 minutes; no traffic to be seen. This may have occurred since I was a bit late, but getting out was also a breeze. We were stuck in the exodus for about 20 minutes before we started to move, but once we did, we really moved. We were back out on the main road in about 30 minutes. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. As I attend future concerts there, we’ll see if this was just a fluke of the night or the new regular at the site.

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