THIS is Country Music: Sara Haze in Concert

This is how it’s done ladies and gentlemen. This is how you can make some great country music with just a guitar. Sara Haze was the opener for Ms. Loretta Lynn’s July 26, 2013 concert at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. As you can see from the below video snippet, she has quite the voice.

The guitar player was amazing as well. I felt like I was watching some under-appreciated talent watching her. Ms. Haze introduced the lady, but my limited retention brain couldn’t keep a hold of it. That’s why iPhone comes with the Notes app. If anyone knows, please leave it in the comments.

20130731-083037.jpgMy favorites that Haze sang were ‘Burn Me Down’ from the clip and ‘Hand-me-Down-Life.’ The latter was a song about all the things that you inherit; your physical features, attitude and character traits, from your family.

Haze’s set was short, ‘cuz, you know, everyone was there to see Loretta, but this lady was no sloucher of an opener. Ms. Lynn sure chose well.

Learn more about Sara Haze

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