Time Capsule Quote of the Day: Scott Walker on Wisc. Gay Marriage

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said he didn’t think gay marriage equality would be addressed “anytime soon” by the Wisconsin lawmakers. Walker was asked the question at conference in Milwaukee. From The Huffington Post:

“To change anything in the constitution … it requires two consecutive sessions of the legislature, and ultimately, a vote of the people,” Walker said, noting that Wisconsin voters adopted a gay marriage ban to the state constitution in a 2006 vote. “I just don’t see that as being anything that’s going to be addressed anytime soon.”

Governor Walker is correct in that it would take some doing to undo the gay marriage ban in Wisconsin, but with the recent gains in equality in Minnesota and Rhode Island, I think that we may see this addressed sooner than later.

We’ll put this away in our virtual time capsule to see if sooner happens sooner than Governor Walker thinks.

Read the full article WITH VIDEO

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