“How come you didn’t have to make a video saying you’re straight?”

That’s the question that Lucas Cruikshank, best known for his fictional web and Nickelodeon character Fred Figglehorn, in a funny question and answer video on the web (at 1:15).

It’s a good question Lucas; one that we hope as time moves forward, we won’t even have to ask. Eventually, people will just stop assuming everyone is straight and just wait for you to clue them in via your casual, everyday conversation. For the meantime, we do need to come out and be visible for the reason of showing people what a gay person looks like, and to help the world work toward acceptance and equality.

By your coming out, no matter how awkward it may have felt, brings hope to lots of gay youth out there because now they see someone who’s like them.

See the original Huffington Post article

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