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Bethlehem, Penn. Health Clinic Hopes to Fill Void in Providing Solid Care to LGBT Community

When you think of health services that are specifically oriented to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT), you may think primarily of sexual transmitted disease and HIV/AIDS testing and treatment or gender transition services. Novus Adult Care Services in … Continue reading

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Gaybros: New Nickname for the Old Beer Drinking, Gear Tinkering, Gay Guy’s Guy

Out magazine profiles a sub-set of gay men, Gaybros, in an August 2013 article. Gaybros are guys who are gay or bisexual, but whose interests lie more with what some people would associate with the heterosexual world: “Gear, Grub, Guns, … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Why ‘Gay Is Good’ from a Kid Perspective

Via gaybros on Reddit: See the original post

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Random Eye Candy: Country Artist Justin Moore

This is not only a great eye candy photo of Moore but also a great artistic one of him as well. The light coming in from the back in the back really makes this photo. Well, that and the fact … Continue reading

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Today in LGBT History: Activist Gloria Johnson Dies at 76

For every Harvey Milk or Dan Savage there are thousands of others who have worked with less fame, but no less importance. Gloria Johnson was one of those people. From U~T Sandiego: Born in Los Angeles on Aug. 26, 1937, … Continue reading

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Gay Men’s Health Collaborative’s Medical and Social Approach to GBT Men’s Health

METROWEEKLY magazine reports that Gay Men’s Health Collaborative (GMHC) hopes to provide gay, bisexual and transgender men of Northern Virginia a place outside of the city to provide health and social services. On the testing end, GMHC holds its Rainbow … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day: Justin Moore as Concrete Cowboy

From the Facebook page of country artist Justin Moore comes a simple photo that says a lot. This for all you concrete cowboys out there. I love that this photo shows country and city in one shot. I love the angle. I … Continue reading

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Meet Rainbow Mom Lori Duron, Mother of a Gender Nonconforming Child

Lori Duron is the blogger for Raising My Rainbow. The blog is Lori’s thoughts about raising a gender nonconforming child. For a long time Lori was anonymous; knowing only as mom or Rainbow mom. Now, that’s changed. After blogging about … Continue reading

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Meet Rainbow Dad: My Son Wear’s Dresses; Get Over It

Matt Duron is the husband of Raising my Rainbow blogger, Lori Duron and father to their son C.J. a gender nonconforming boy. C.J. loves things sparkly, sassy, the color pink and often chooses to dress in clothes that would be typically be termed … Continue reading

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Music Review: Gwen Sebastian

Gwen Sebastian Gwen Sebastian When I heard the first strains of Gwen Sebastian’s ‘I’m Not Who You think I Am’ I thought to myself, ‘I’m really gonna enjoy this album.’ Gwen has a thick, rich, drawn-out voice that is a … Continue reading

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