Meet Rainbow Mom Lori Duron, Mother of a Gender Nonconforming Child

Lori Duron is the blogger for Raising My Rainbow. The blog is Lori’s thoughts about raising a gender nonconforming child. For a long time Lori was anonymous; knowing only as mom or Rainbow mom. Now, that’s changed.

After blogging about her son who likes pink and all things sparkly and sassy, Lori has written a book, also called Raising my Rainbow. As she began the process of writing she also began the process of coming out herself. Using her real name on her blog and as the author of the book. I am excited to finally put a face with this amazing, mature woman who took on willingly and openly, the challenge of raising a gender nonconforming son in a gender conforming world, but also shared her experiences with that world. Lori is helping to make the world a better place for kids like hers as well as providing camaraderie and a voice for other parents with gender nonconforming children.

Get to meet Lori yourself (and her husband) through her interviews on the Today show and with Fox 5 in Washington. DC.

And definitely check out her Raising my Rainbow blog

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