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Same-Sex Couples, Marriage, And Name Changes

The Huffington Post has an article on the reasons that some same-sex couples adopt a name change. This can be done to create a sense of relation to your partner that is both practical and personal: Andy Page, who grew … Continue reading

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Interview With Author, Activist and Transgender Man, Ryan Sallans

From Baltimore Gay Life: As a kid growing up in Nebraska, Ryan Sallans always felt different. Now in his 30s, Sallans has grown up to become a proclaimed writer, public speaker, and out-and-proud transman. Last year, Sallans published his memoir, … Continue reading

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9 Amazing Same-Sex Marriage Adverts

From Washington D.C.’s METROWEEKLY comes a highlight of ads about same-sex marriage from around the globe. Some are direct; some indirect, but all help to move us forward to full equality: The videos on this list may not exact change … Continue reading

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Bull rider J.B. Mauney Wins First World Title

My USA Today in Dallas had the below full pager on the back of the sports section. Your first big win, no matter what the sport, is always one that will be the most special to ya. Congratulations J.B. Read … Continue reading

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Celebrating Pride in Conservative California

You may think California might look like the promised land to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people; a place where the accepting mindset of cities like San Francisco reign, but even California has its conservative pockets. This, however, doesn’t keep … Continue reading

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Today in LGBT History: Brenda Howard, Activist

From LGBTQ Nation: Howard participated in the 1969 Stonewall riots that marked a turning point in the gay rights movement. A year later, she organized the first Christopher Street Liberation Day March to mark Stonewall’s anniversary. The march was the … Continue reading

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LGBT Center to Come to W.Va. University?

From the comes an opinion piece on how the addition of a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies center could a “step in the right direction for the school’s future”: There has been a consistent effort within the Student … Continue reading

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