Scene Yourself: Phasefest (It Gets Better)

‘Scene Yourself’ is my photographic take of the It Gets Better Project. Periodically, I feature photographs from local and national events to show Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender youth the world which possibly awaits for them. Photographs which I hope shows them that you can be a shinny, happy queer person. Photos in which I hope they see some reflections of themselves and what they can become if they just hold on and endure. Photographs in which I want them to see hope for their future.

In this installment, we focus on Phasefest 2013. As promoted by it’s website, Phasefest is “is an annual Queer music and arts festival dedicated to the development, exposure and interaction of queer and queer-allied musicians and artists, both national and international.” 2013’s Phasefest was held September 27 and 28.

three women from Phasefest 2013

Phasefest attendees

band performance at Phasefest 2013

Phasefest takes place at Phase 1 in Washington, DC. The nation’s oldest, continually operating lesbian bar and a rocking place in its own right even when they are not hosting music festivals.

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Visit the Phase 1 website


Scene Yourself: Next Generation Awards (It Gets Better)

Scene Yourself: A Photographic Take on ‘It Gets Better’

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