Today in Irony: Anti-Bullying Message on ‘Huckabee’

Texas country artist, Brian Milson, created a song about anti-bullying. What I really like about it is in the second verse it tackles fathers calling their sons ‘sissys.’

What I find really ironic and incongruent to this video is that Country Weekly is reporting that Mr. Milson will be promoting the video on Mike Huckabee’s show, Huckabee on Fox News. Huckabee has certainly not been any friend to gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) persons through some of the statements that he has made. Anti-gay bullying is just as much of a problem as bullying for height, weight, athleticism, being too smart, not smart enough, etc. I hope that Brian Milson is aware of this and I hope that his appearance on Huckabee is something that can be used or will be cause for a teachable moment for Mike Huckabee. I hope that they both do not gloss over the problem faced by all kids who are bullied, including those who are LGBT.

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