Increasing Transgender Acceptance One Family at a Time

An article from The Huffington Post highlights a book that hopes to educate people about raising a transgender or gender variant youth:

Some would say that the problem is education: Not enough of us know what gender variance is, or how to treat someone who claims to be in the wrong body. Still others would speculate that the problem is popular knowledge: The majority of us don’t believe in a third gender, because everything around us screams “male” and “female.” What we do see of gender variance is an exaggerated show. No matter which way you sing it, the fact is that the truth about trans identity remains buried under ages of bias and sexism.

Dr. Michele Angello is a therapist who works specifically with transgender youth and their families and believes in approaching the problem one child at a time. It’s true what is said on her website: “When a single child comes out, their entire family will transition, along with their community.” Through her interactions with transgender youth and, subsequently, their families, Dr. Angello has led the way in educating entire churches, schools and communities about transgender identity. In her new book, On the Couch With Dr. Angello: A Guide to Raising and Supporting Transgender Youth, she writes, “[T]his book is intended to bridge the empathy gap that many young people experience after coming out as transgender.”

Read the full article

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