Music Review: Billy Currington’s We Are Tonight

We Are Tonight album coverBilly Currington creates a fun, funky, groving album with We Are Tonight. Filled with Great songs that vary in theme and tone. From the funny ‘Wingman’ to the sexy ‘Closer Tonight’, We Are Tonight is an album that you will want to play every night. In my opinion, 8 of the 10 songs on this ablum are put-on-repeat good. It’s only the songs ‘Banana Pancakes’ and ‘Hallelujah’ that I thought were just okay.

‘Pancakes’ is an ode to just hanging out and being lazy with your gal; part of which is making banana pancakes. While I liked the concept of a simple item, such as breakfast, as a foundation for creating a song around enjoying couple bubble time, I didn’t like

the mix of musical style. It sounded like it was trying to be an old acoustic country-western song and a beach song at the same time. I was, however, impressed with the rap bridge. It didn’t seem so out of place with the slightly reggie-tinged tune.

‘Hallelujah,’ snips together random phrases which aren’t really tied to the point of the chorus. The chorus is about the randomness of having run into the love of your life. The versus are supposed to support this randomness, but they are so willy-nilly that they aren’t tied very well to the chorus.

God made grandma/
She made pie/
Taste so good/
Bring a tear to your eye

Neither ‘Banana Pancakes’ nor ‘Hallelujah, are really bad songs. I think that they will have an appeal to some listeners. They just did not appeal to me.

Of the songs that did appeal to me, ‘Wingman’ was my favorite. ‘Wingman’ is a buddy-style song about picking up a girl told from the point of view of the pilot. For those who don’t know, the pilot is the guy who wants to pick up a girl; the wingman is the guy who talks up the pilot to the girl to further impress her and make her want to go out with the pilot. In the situation this song follows, though, we learn the wingman decides to keep the girl for himself.

You’re supposed to talk me up, bro/
No matter what, so,/
Don’t go telling me you must have forgot/
You waltzed her off the dance floor/
Right out the back door/
Leavin’ me to go it alone

This development comes much to the humorous chagrin of the pilot.

What I like about this song was it is relatable too any guy who is been out trying to pick up a girl with his buddy. And I like the humorous take on the song. Currington remarks with a smile that comes across with his vocal inflections, that if he was in his friends shoes, he would’ve done the same thing.

‘Closer Tonight,’ has that sexy, romantic, make-out feeling to it. It’s similar to Currington’s song ‘Must Be Doing Something Right.’ Currington’s voice is really part of what makes this song hot. Like some men in country music, Trace Atkins and Josh Turner, Currington has a voice that is distinct; able to seduce you with its worn rasp.

’23 Degrees and South,’ and ‘One-way Ticket’ both show how varied the music on this album is. ‘South’ is a quiet, guitar-plucking tune while ‘Ticket’ has a bit of the beach feel to it. Add in the title track ‘We Are Tonight,’ a rocking, pumped-up, tailgate-before-the-concert song and you’ve got something on this album that that will please just about everybody.

The music on We Are Tonight is so good that I don’t mind that I bought it twice. I bought the physical version because, with the guy is good-looking as Currington, I sure-as-heck wanted to see some photos. I was unable to figure out how to put the music on my phone, so, I bought a digital version too. There are a few artists for whom I would even consider doing that, but as I have enjoyed a lot of Currington’s previous music, I thought that I could gamble and not be disappointed.

While the photos in the CD booklet are of the general stock media variety that you could fine just doing an Internet search on Billy, I am still not disappointed I bought both. Currington, continues to add to his collection of great albums and good music. And any opportunity to see photos of this handsome curly-locked singer and his by-the-sea blue-green eyes is a welcome one. I guess I can always have Currington sign my CD booklet sometime. Whadaya say, Billy?

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