Meet the Man Behind The Documentary ‘Bridegroom’

Blog Queerty has an short interview with Shane Bitney Crone, the man behind the story of Bridegroom, a documentary that depicts the painful experience of Crone after his partner died from a tragic accident:

The video, which depicted the heartbreak and loss Crone felt after the tragic accident that claimed his partner Tom Bridegroom and the aftermath of being kept away from Tom in the hospital because they weren’t married and the funeral due to threats of violence from Tom’s family, was viewed by millions around the world who contacted Crone to share empathy and relate their own similar stories. It also caught the attention of Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (who created and wrote Designing Women) who’d met the young couple years before at a wedding, ironically, and decided to turn it into a feature documentary.


Has anyone in Tom’s family seen the film and contacted you?
There are a few of his relatives who have seen it and they’re supportive and believe in it. They’ve told me they think Tom would have been proud of it. I’m going to respect them by not saying who they are. It’s a tough position when you’re in a small town and you don’t want to lose your family so I understand why they want to keep it private. I haven’t heard from his parents, just other relatives who think Tom would have been proud of it. Of course, they don’t want anyone attacking Tom’s parents. I hope people don’t, because that won’t help anything.


You don’t seem to harbor resentment toward the Bridegrooms. How challenging has it been to forgive them?
It was hard at first. I was just trying to understand how they could do what they did to me. I couldn’t understand it and it hurt. There were moments of anger and frustration. I don’t want to treat them the way they treated me. I don’t know what it’s like to lose a child so I’ve tried to be compassionate. I wish them the best and I don’t wish any harm upon them. I hope they see this as an opportunity to change. They could help a lot of people just by saying they made mistakes and honoring their son for who he was. I hope at some point they have a change of heart.

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