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Bob Harper’s, Trainer on TV’s ‘Biggest Looser’, Coming Out Has Impact Beyond Contestant

Bob Harper, one of the trainers on TV’s weight-loss reality show, The Biggest Loser, talked publicly on the show about being a gay man himself in order to help one of the struggling contestants. Harper states that Because in the … Continue reading

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The Marriage Mission The National Organization for Marriage Will Never Take On

In the news these first few weeks of November 2013 has been the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) finding itself in the red to about $1 million dollars for 2012. Good-As-You blogger, Jeremy Hooper, comments this deficit of funds comes … Continue reading

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Alec Baldwin Needs Some Insult Schooling From Chris Kluwe

Oh, crazy uncle Alec. He’s stepped into it again with his alleged gay slur comments to a paparazzo. This recent outburst follow his recent comments calling a reporter a ‘toxic queen.’ It has left the lesbian and gay community wondering … Continue reading

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Can Two Tops Make a Relationship?

That’s the question that Hieu Tran’s movie Squared may attempt to answer. This is one of the unique aspects of gay relationships. Gay male tops aren’t only attracted to gay male bottoms. Sometimes there is negotiation about who gets to … Continue reading

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PSA Covers the Importance of Condom Use. But What About Barebacking?

Here’s a public service announcement that will get your attention. Two hotties; one HIV positive, one not, flirt; get it on at the office; and make a budding relationship. You may not want to watch this at your own office … Continue reading

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Country Weekly Announces Country’s Sexiest Man

Country Weekly has announced their winners for their sexiest man. Toby Keith wasn’t the winner, that honor goes to Gary Allan, but the Big Dog has always been a long-time favorite of mine. You can find out who else made … Continue reading

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Drag Queens vs. Disney Princess, Who’s the Better Role Model?

That’s the question that Joy Martin-Malone answers blogging for The Huffington Post: …the parallels between the two are downright uncanny. Both wear grandiose costumes and perform signature songs. Big hair is an absolute staple across the board. Both have been … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Gay Pride March Doubles Attendance from 2011

South China Morning New reports that 5,200 people marched through the city of Hong Kong to demand rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) persons. That figure is an estimated doubling of the participation in 2011. Equal Opportunities Commission … Continue reading

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Video Review: Jason Aldean’s ‘Night Train to Georgia’

You could call this a view from the cheap seats. Jason Aldean taped his University of Georgia Stanford Stadium concert in 2013, and for those who don’t like stadium concerts or who prefer not to be in the nosebleed seats … Continue reading

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#LoveAlwaysWins Campaign Begins to Counter Russia’s Anti-Gay Propaganda Law

From a press release posted to Joe. My. God. Today All Out, an organization mobilizing millions of people and their social networks to build a powerful global movement for love and equality, released a new short video as part of … Continue reading

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