Meet the Men Behind West Point’s Gay Marriage Ceremony

In November of 2013, West Point had their first same-sex marriage ceremony involving two men (The Academy had done ceremonies involving two women previously). Now meet the men behind this part of history, Daniel and Larry Lennox-Choate. From ‘LENS’ in The New York Times:

The wedding was small, with about 20 guests — including Daniel’s parents, but not Larry’s. Organ music played as the two men approached the altar from opposite sides of the chapel. Each man had a best woman. Although many of the guests were in uniform, both grooms wore tuxedos — Larry’s paired with a crushed glitter bow tie and matching shoes.

The day, Larry said, was “better in every way than we had ever even hoped it would be.”


It has not been a perfect ride. Both men attended West Point before being openly gay was an option. On his blog, Larry discusses some of the challenges the couple faced when they announced their engagement — among them, a lack of support from some family members.

But generally, when they announced their engagement, Larry and Daniel felt encouraged by their community.

Read the full article with PHOTOS

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