Video Review: Jason Aldean’s ‘Night Train to Georgia’

Cover of Jason Aldean's Night Train to Georgia DVDYou could call this a view from the cheap seats. Jason Aldean taped his University of Georgia Stanford Stadium concert in 2013, and for those who don’t like stadium concerts or who prefer not to be in the nosebleed seats for a concert or, who are like me; just cheap, this gives you all the entertainment of an Aldean concert close up and at a very reasonable price.

The video is pretty simple for a artist of Aldean’s point in his career. It’s mainly Jason playing his hits while the camera moves around him. There are some background interviews or cut-aways, but those are used more to break up the concert footage than to add any real depth to the video. Those looking for a behind the scenes glimpse of how a concert like this goes together or more personal documentary-type information and interviews on Jason will be disappointed. We get little nibbles of this type of footage, but not enough to leave us really satisfied.

Missing from the performances is
Eric Church on the hit ‘That’s the Only Way I Know.’; the three recorded it together, and performed it together at the CMA awards in 2012. It’s only Luke Bryan who joins Jason for this live performance of the song. It’s a shame because the three of them performing together on this tune is so unique and powerful. All three boys have the look, the attitude and the background that let’s ya know they have lived this song. That is what amps up the power of it when all three are performing together. Any less and it’s still a great song, just not as electric when the trio is together.

Also missing is the band introductions. We get to see who the band is during the credits, but since we cut to them throughout the video, it would have been good to have an introduction to them incorporated in; like you’d see at a live concert. It would also have been nice to get to know a little bit more about life on the bus or, even, some learn some more about there backgrounds. Where it was a video format, more footage could have been shot to give us a more personal view of the band members than is allowed for in a concert; where they came from, how they got into music, etc. Music lovers are made up of those who listen and those who play. Learning more about the bands background would have given the latter something really special in this video.

One thing that was a bonus in the video was Kelly Clarkson performs live with Aldean during ‘Don’t You Want to Stay.’ I’ve seen this in concert when Aldean has performed it with a video recording of Clarkson. Again this is another powerful song and hearing live just amps it up. Plus Kelly looks dang good in the tie-behind halter top she has on.

And while we are on the subject of good looking; the video does give ya lots of close up shots of Jason and that handsome, Georgia bulldog face of his.

Aldean is one of the artists where I do want to be up closer when seeing him in concert, and not just because he’s physically nice to look at. I like being up closer because I enjoy seeing him perform. If I’m going to wind up being practically in the parking lot; a seat where I’ll just be listening to Aldean and maybe if I bring my real powerful telescope I might be able to see him, I’ll just stick with listening to the album. That’s why I was so pleased when I saw they were releasing a video of his performance. It allowed me to be up close at a cheap price.

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